Coaching for Optimal Performance and Health
Customized and comprehensive nutrition services which include every-day healthy nutrition, meal planning, nutrition plans for training and competition, and specific nutrient needs related to supplements, body weight goals, and specialized diets.

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Whether you're a seasoned veteran or first time athlete we provide customized and comprehensive endurance coaching services tailored to your individual fitness and performance goals.

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Combine our nutrition and endurance coaching services to obtain maximum benefit for your performance and health. Other services include body composition, metabolic testing, sports psychology or one-time consults.

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"With the help of coaches from CNS, I have lost some weight and am feeling better than I have in years."| "I don't think there could be any possible way I could have finished my first half ironman without talking to you!"| "Thank you for helping me reach my triathlon goals. Couldn't have done it without you!"| "Thank you so much for the race-day fueling plan. What you did worked wonders! I am amazed!"| "Best nutrition, marathon, and triathlon coaches ever!!!"| "The expertise and experience of the CNS coaches in sports nutrition and endurance sports is second to none."| "I had no idea how much my daily nutrition could impact my health. Thank you for all the education and help with my diet."| "Thank you for helping me become a stronger collegiate tennis player."| "I was able to put on 10 pounds of muscle thanks to your awesome strength training workouts and pre/post fueling plan. Thank you!"| "Thank you for answering all of my questions leading up to my first triathlon. Your help and patience is greatly appreciated!"|