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Mission Statement

Our mission at CNS is to help you achieve optimal fitness and health goals by sharing our education, passion and experience in nutrition, exercise, and competitive sports.

CNS Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching philosophy at CNS is that optimal nutrition, both throughout the day and during training, leads to optimal performance. Whether you are a recreational athlete, an elite competitive athlete, or just exercising for general health/fitness/weight loss, nutrition will be a key component to your success. The old saying "you are what you eat" is true! If you aren't eating healthy on a day to day basis, you are not going to feel great and your training and performance will suffer. We want to make sure you are meeting your needs in essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fluids) each and every day. Proper every-day nutrition will not only improve your health so you feel better, but it will also decrease your risk of injury, illness, and adverse health conditions (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes). We will work with you to help you optimize your every-day diet for long-term health.

It is equally important to ensure that you are fueling your body properly for exercise. Whether you are an endurance athlete or body builder, what you eat before, during, and after training and competition will affect your performance and recovery. We will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that helps you fuel properly for key training sessions and competition. Each plan is tailored to meet your sport-specific demands, is based on your body weight, and includes foods or sports nutrition products that you like. This individualized, personally tailored nutrition fueling plan is an important part of what makes our athletes so successful.

Level 1 Certified Coach - TRAININGPEAKS CNS Endurance Coaching

Our philosophy of coaching at CNS is that enjoyment and satisfaction in your sport lead to optimal performance. Enjoyment is at the heart of intrinsic motivation. We do things that we enjoy on a repeated and consistent basis because of the pleasure we experience from these activities. When planning training for optimal performance, our approach is to maximize an athlete's enjoyment while applying appropriate amounts of challenge to a program in order to see performance gains. We understand that appropriate challenge and consistency in training are required in order to see performance gains and these gains in performance also enhance enjoyment of your sport! Our coaching programs are built on empirically based exercise physiology principles and tailored to each client's individual goals. Your goals, both short term and long term, serve as the basis for the structure and content of your training plan. We tailor your training plan to put you on the path to achieving your goals and to fit with your lifestyle. We understand that many endurance athletes maintain busy family, work, and personal lives. Therefore, we ensure that your plan fits with each of the components of your life with the aim to achieve a healthy balance among them.

Our coaching programs are designed with both a macro- and micro-cycle structure, leading you through the appropriate phases of training stimulus, recovery, and adaptation. These training phases and the overall cycles are designed with your goal race(s) in mind to ensure that you are at peak physiological condition at the time of your goal event(s). Our programs are tailored to your background, level of skill, and experience in endurance sports. Throughout the course of your training program, your CNS coach will work with you to analyze your progress. These analyses are conducted by pre-arranged telephone or face-to-face consultations as well as by ongoing examination of your training metrics, where possible. Your coach will provide you with feedback for your key workouts according to your particular type of training plan.

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